Why you should learn to become a freelancer

Like any other job, freelancing has its good points and the freelancer will also experience some occupational hazards. Even if you have all the freelancing skills you need.

The main advantage of working as a freelancer is being your own boss. This means you make your own goals and go about achieving those goals in a way and pace that best suits you. And let’s face it, not having someone to report to or justify your every move can be quite gratifying. This also means that there is not much undue pressure put on you to prove yourself so that you are able to get promotions.

Of course, you can learn new freelancing skills online but then learning new skills online will not help you evade the truth.

The other nice thing about working as a freelancer is that you are able to work from home. This means you don’t have the hustles of communing every day going between work and home. It is actually possible to travel and still do your work as you can have your work done from anywhere in the world.

Not having constricted hours of having your work done can prove to be very useful in your work. This enables you to work at the time that you feel most productive and stop when you feel less productive. Some people do their work better in the middle of the night when everyone is asleep while others prefer getting their work done early in the morning. When you are a freelancer you actually have the luxury of choosing which period of the day to work. You can also pick and choose the work you want to do.

As a freelancer, you can learn new skills online and you also have the luxury of planning your work around your activities unlike a person whose is employed who has to plan their activities around their work. This means that you can participate in family activities and still have some work done. You will not have to feel guilty about working too hard and neglecting your family.

The obvious advantage of working from is that you have plenty of time to spend with your children. The modern-day parent complains about having to go to work and leaving the raising of their children to someone else. This means that they miss out on a lot of their children’s development but as a freelance worker you can raise your children yourself and work at the same time.

The downside of working as a freelancer is that budget can get tight. Especially at the beginning of your freelance career, you might find it difficult to get by because jobs will be far in between, which means there is no income between the jobs.

There is also the issue of benefits. As a freelancer, you are not entitled to any medical insurance like a fully employed individual. A full-time employee enjoys the benefit of having their medical expenses covered by their employer but your freelancing skills will not get you that. In most cases, the insurance also covers their spouses and children. There is also no sick leave to help you through when you get sick.

This means that when you do get sick you don’t have an income as you will not be working.

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