Why Lesley Gregg will make your next property purchase informed, simple and fun

property investment firm – I have always loved property.  I bought my first one in London – an ex-council refurb project, it made a tidy profit and it started a ‘hobby’ that has given me financial security. Right now I’m working on around a dozen investment projects and I’m now fortunate to be able to turn my hobby into a business, New Fandangled Properties Buyers Agents and Property Investing Specialists.

My 20 something years in global sales and leadership roles has meant I’ve had some of you the most talented and intelligent senior executives and colleagues as mentors. Some of you are reading this now and I’d like to take the opportunity to thank you for developing my skills across compliance, risk, legal, IT, financial markets, superannuation, financial planning and diversity and inclusion. To all of my corporate colleagues and mentors thank you . The specialists in property investment

What you have taught me paired with what I’ve learnt about property investing over years, has allowed me to adopt simple strategies for property investing that work.  I have stepped into my own company New Fandangled Properties with both a broad knowledge my mission is to inspire you to make confident property purchasing decisions and to make buying your next home or finding your ideal property investment simple and enjoyable.

We are independent specialists, we work exclusively for the property buyer, we search, locate, evaluate, assist with understanding project feasibility, suburb profiling, negotiate the purchase price and attend auctions.  We scan current stock and source off-market properties, we will personally update you every few days on the progress of your search, and we will simplify the entire purchasing process for you liaising with agents, lawyers, developers as per your brief. duplex property investment

Make your next property purchase informed, simple and fun and contact Lesley Gregg on 0415 060 605 when you’re looking to purchase your next home or investment property.

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