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Pasaport kac gunde cikar – A US pasaport kac gunde cikar enables a person to travel to other countries and re-enter the country as a US citizen. There is no need for holders to submit any other proof of their citizenship. So it is important that this identification document is updated and renewed so as to experience hassle free international travels.

Purpose of US Travel Permit

A person can possess only one valid US pasaport kac gunde cikar at a time. It is not a compulsory rule that a US citizen should hold a US passport, but it is a must if at all the person is planning to undertake frequent trips out of the country. US citizens did not require a passport to travel to Canada and Mexico, until recently. However they can now do so, only if they have a valid US passport.

The two formats of travel permit issued are the traditional passport book and the pasaport kac gunde cikar card. The book type is small with a navy color cover. It resembles a small book and has many blank pages inside it. The card type was introduced very recently (in 2008). It is highly compact and resembles a credit card. Unlike the book type, it has no pages and hence more convenient than the book. One major difference between the two is that the card type can be used only when a person travels to and from Canada, Mexico, Bermuda, and the Caribbean whereas the pasaport kac gunde cikar books can be used during all international trips.

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